A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will walk you through achieving the timeless signature wedding makeup of Byron Bay, ensuring you radiate with simplicity and elegance on your special day. Nestled along the serene beaches and framed by breathtaking landscapes, Byron Bay has fast become the epitome of dream wedding destinations.


Understanding the Byron Bay Aesthetic

  • Embracing Natural Beauty: At the heart of Byron Bay’s style is the minimalist approach to beauty. Here, less is definitively more, with a focus on enhancing one’s natural features rather than masking them under layers of makeup.
  • The Role of the Environment: The coastal and laid-back vibe of Byron Bay heavily influences makeup choices. Think light, breathable, organic products that compliments.
  • Celebrity Influences: Byron Bay has been home or a retreat to many high-profile stars whose relaxed yet sophisticated style has come to influence the signature makeup and wedding makeup of the area.
Glowy Signature makeup look

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Preparing Your Skin

  • The Importance of Skincare: Starting with a canvas of healthy, glowing skin is paramount. Pre-wedding skincare routines focused on hydration and radiance are a must.
  • Choosing the Right Products: Opt for lightweight, skin-loving products that enhance your glow without weighing you down.
  • Hydration and Protection: The coastal climate demands a focus on hydration and protection. Incorporating sunscreen and moisture-retentive products will keep your skin looking its best.
Moisturizer beauty shot, skincare campaign, Byron Bay 2020, photographer Dave Blake, Makeup Artist Nahid Kholghi

Foundation and Concealing for your wedding makeup

  • Selecting the Perfect Shade: A light foundation is your go-to Byron Bay´s signature wedding makeup. For an added radiance, mixing in a highlighter can give your skin a luminous glow. If you need more coverage it´s great to cover just certain spots with a concealer of your choice.
  • It´s best to test the colour of a foundation on your jaw as it is close to your neck. It is great to mix 2 shades to get your perfect match. However, if you have 2 shades, you can go lighter in winter and be sun-kissed in spring and summer.
  • Application Techniques: A flawless, skin-like finish can be accomplished by applying your foundation in gentle circles using a stippling makeup brush.
  • Concealing with Care: Subtly cover imperfections by choosing an under-eye concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation, ensuring a smooth transition. Tap the Concealer gently with one finger around and under your eye area. Tip: Go up towards your hairline and the inner corner of your eye. If you are still in your 20´s you won´t need powder on this area of your face. If you are of mature age you can apply a fine powder with a small stipple brush.
Beauty shot by Dave Blake, Hair and makeup by Nahid Kholghi.

Eyes and Eyebrows

  • Soft Shadows and Highlights: Opt for soft tones like champagne, taupe, brown, and pastel pink to enhance eye colour and shape subtly. The light and earthy colours create the shape, and the warm, rosy tones, and freshness around your eye. Highlighter can be applied in the front part of your eyelid and underneath your brow.
  • Natural-full Brows: Achieve a fuller, yet refined eyebrow look with feathery strokes using eyebrow powder or a super fine pencil in taupe tones.
  • Mascara and Liner: A black waterproof mascara and a choice of charcoal or black eyeliner add definition and make your eyes stand out. Therefore, choose a black mascara with a brush that suits your lashes. A thinner brush is good for shorter lashes. Waterproof mascara is your way to go for your wedding.
  • If you do choose an eyeliner it should be charcoal or black to enhance your eyes. It can be a soft, almost smudged line or a very precise and sharp line. This also depends on age and preference of course.
Agot Deng close up-Makeup Nahid Kholghi

Cheeks and Lips

  • Sun-Kissed Cheeks: Try to achieve a natural, just-back-from-the-beach blush. It can be a pastel pink/rosy or peachy blush. It can be matte or shimmery. Blush sits slightly on your cheekbones but not on top. Apply more in the front and work your way with light-handed strokes towards your hairline. Applying blush is very individual.
  • Don´t get your blush mixed up with contouring. They are different pairs of shoes. Contouring sits underneath the blush and it is almost invisible. You can use a bronzing powder to give your face that extra bit of shape.
  • Highlighting the Right Spots: How and where to highlight for a radiant, but not overly shiny, appearance. For a Byron Bay signature look, you can just leave your cheeks unpowdered and get your foundation’s natural glow right there.

If you choose to add a highlighter, it always belongs on your bone to make the area stand out. It usually goes on your cheekbones and underneath your eyebrows. Choose a warm highlighter to have it nicely blended into your other tones. If you want to add some extra in other areas, you can add it to your nose and chin. Tip: Think about where you want to draw some attention.

  • The Perfect Pout: Choosing and applying lip colours that complement the overall soft and natural theme. It´s great to match the lip colour with your blush colour. If you want your lips to appear voluminous you can use 2 colours. The darker colour for your outer line, the lighter for the inside.
  • A gloss looks beautiful but consider if you like the texture for your wedding kiss.

Little Extras: It´s sometimes nice to have your fingernails or toenails in the same colour as your lipstick and blush. That´s also something you can talk about in a trial.

Beauty Shot

Setting and Longevity for your Byron Bay wedding makeup

  • Ensuring Your Look Lasts: Using a quality primer, high-end makeup products, the correct tools, and a strong setting spray are key to maintaining your look from vows to the last dance.
  • Don´t apply facial oils or rich cremes before applying your makeup.
  • Use a good primer, high-end makeup products, the right tools to apply and a great setting spray.
  • Dealing with Shine and Tears: A quick guide on touch-ups and waterproof options. Use water-resistant or waterproof mascara, Having some cotton buds in your handbag can be helpful to clean your eye area in case it´s needed. Before taking some photos, a light, mattifying powder can be useful for yourself and the groom. There are mattifying sheets that can control the shine without applying anything. Great for bride and groom.
  • Comfort and Confidence: The importance of feeling at ease with your look.
  • The best tips are just great if you feel comfortable with it. Always trust your gut feeling. However, that´s when a wedding trial comes in handy. Trial with Nahid.

Enjoy your Signature Wedding makeup look!

This comprehensive guide empowers you to achieve the signature wedding Byron Bay makeup look with ease and confidence, letting your natural beauty shine on one of the most memorable days of your life. Remember, wedding makeup is not just about looking beautiful but feeling fantastic and true to yourself.


instagram by Nahid Kholghi www.makeupartistbyronbay.com.au

Summary and FAQs

In conclusion, achieving the signature Byron Bay wedding makeup look is all about embracing and enhancing your natural beauty and living the glow. It’s about choosing products and techniques that offer a light, fresh-faced aesthetic ideal for a beach wedding.


1. What´s the difference between bridal and signature makeup: Bridal makeup is exclusively for your wedding day, emphasizing your features in a more pronounced way, while a signature look is a go-to style reflecting personal or regional beauty trends.

2. How to find your wedding makeup style: Consider your wedding vibe, personal style, and skin needs. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but ensure it feels true to you. Chat with your professional makeup artist and aim for a trial.

3. How to choose a makeup artist: Look for an artist whose style resonates with yours and who understands your vision and skin type. Have some chats over the phone and ask questions. Have a look at their portfolio and experience.

4. Why are wedding makeup artists expensive: Remember, you’re not just paying for makeup application but an expert’s time, skill, and the convenience they offer on your special day.

5. Is it worth to have a wedding makeup artist?: Absolutely. Ensuring you look and feel your best without the hassle is priceless. You´ll always remember your beautiful appearance when you look at your photos or watch your wedding video.

Photos: Dave Blake, Elsa Dillon